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King George V

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Southern Eliminator



1.Hide individual scoresHampshire393.47394.41391.411178.129
Mr DFP Richards50.750.450.5150.16
Mrs LK Mace50.650.649.5149.17
Mr EC Dickson50.550.649.5149.16
Mr RJH Birtwistle49.650.449.4148.14
Mr JB Hull49.550.548.4147.14
Mr AJ Leech47.449.750.6146.17
Mr CJ Morton48.748.549.6145.18
Dr PR Wheeler50.747.447.6144.17
2.Hide individual scoresLondon397.56393.41381.311171.128
Mr D Blake50.849.650.4149.18
Mr P Cameron Taylor49.750.548.3147.15
Mr M Lee50.750.347.3147.13
Mr D De Vere49.949.548.6146.20
Mr I Matsumoto50.748.748.6146.20
Mr R Welford50.649.447.4146.14
Mr T Laing Baker49.648.548.4145.15
Mr B Stevens50.650.645.1145.13
3.Hide individual scoresBerkshire388.43390.39369.281147.110
Mr J Taylor50.550.549.7149.17
Mr C Mitchell50.649.648.6147.18
Mr R Gardiner48.649.646.2143.14
Mr H Gilbert49.349.645.3143.12
Mr C Leighton47.549.546.4142.14
Mr M Fugeman49.746.346.2141.12
Mr M Whicher47.549.545.2141.12
Mr M Rainier Kirkwood48.649.344.2141.11
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